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How Chinook Uses Drones


Tier 1: Photos & Videos

The most common and basic use of drones, aerial photos and videos give a new perspective of a project site.


Tier 2: 3D Data Collection

Using photogrammetry, LiDAR, or a combination of both, we can collect accurate site data, including topography.

180222 JeffCO Bridge_Photo - 21

Tier 3: Working with 3D Data

Requiring an understanding of drone technology, geomatics, and specific data workflows, only a small number of firms both collect and work with the 3D data.

Tier 1: Photos and Videos

Drone photos and videos give us a better overall perspective of project sites.

They are quick to collect and we can cover a lot of ground very quickly

Photos and videos are geotagged, providing location specific information in the field and at the office.

NFD flights01.JPG

Markups over drone photos and videos provide information within the context of existing conditions

Marketing videos show off completed projects

Tier 1: Photos/Videos
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