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A flood recovery project for the 2013 flood, South St. Vrain Creek at Hall Ranch addressed multiple issues such as ecological function, hydrology, vegetation, and flood capacity. The project included channel realignment, the creation of wetland benches, overflow channels, and backwater areas, as well as several in-stream features such as riffles, woody structures, and grade control. The final project was constructed in 2017. While working for a previous employer, Jon Altschuld was part of the team developing design direction and drawings for the restoration efforts. Jon also collected 3D data of finished conditions via drone.

South St. Vrain Creek Restoration (Hall Ranch)

Location: Lyons, CO

Client: Boulder County Parks & Open Space

Status: Constructed

Timeframe: 2016-2017

Woody structures post-construction
Project at completion
Willows during first growing season
First growing season
3D data from drone flights
3D Model from drone data
Woody structures at completion
First growing season
Visiting the site post-construction
Project at completion
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