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River's Edge Natural Area Trailhead
Educational Signage
Fishing/belly boat access
Big Thompson River next to R.E.N.A
Open space rules and signage
Handicapped accessible fishing dock
Restroom facilities
River's Edge Natural Area
Parking lot
Wetlands boardwalk and shelters
Custom designed entry sign
Entry sign construction documents
Wetland plantings
Wetland/riparian plan sheet
View from above
Layout construction drawings

River's Edge Natural Area

Location: Loveland, CO

Client: City of Loveland

Status: Constructed

Timeframe: October 2012-August 2013


River's Edge Natural Area in Loveland, CO lies adjacent to the Big Thompson River and is the site of 3 gravel quarry ponds. Much of the project focused on restoring ecological functions in the ponds by developing healthy riparian and wetland benches, while balancing these with increased recreation uses in the area.


In addition to rehabilitating the ponds and creating wetland areas, the project also included fishing access points, a looped trail system, and a central trailhead with parking, shelters, restroom, fishing dock, and a boardwalk. The area is now widely used by anglers, bird  watchers, and the surrounding community members. Jon created and compiled the construction document set while working for a previous employer.

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