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North Fruita Desert All Routes Map
Panoramic view of the NFD
Trail re-route shown over drone photo
North Fruita Desert (18 Road)
North Fruita Desert (18 Road)
View from Zippity Doo Da
North Fruita Desert (18 Road)
Trail re-route and new trails map
Trail inventory at 18 Road
Flying over the North Fruita Desert
3D Point cloud of the proposed events area
NFD Event loops map
Kessel Run

North Fruita Desert (18 Road) Trails Master Plan

Location: Fruita, CO

Client: City of Fruita, BLM, COPMOBA

Status: Complete

Timeframe: 2018-2019


In 2018-2019, Chinook and Tony Boone Trails (TBT) teamed with THK Associates to lead the Master Planning effort for the North Fruita Desert (18 Road). 18 Road is a widely popular mountain biking destination that has grown through a combination of community built trails, public private partnerships, and the support of COPMOBA over the past ~20 years. Our Team had the task of evaluating the trail systems, defining trail closures and re-routes for long-term sustainability, and developing new proposed trail routes, an events space, and competition ready trail loops. Chinook and TBT heavily used drones to inventory and evaluate existing conditions and proposed trail routes.

Drone Data Collection

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