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Agricultural preservation LDR
Maximum Floor Area LDR
Planned Res. Dev. w/Cons. Easement
Clustered Development LDR
Conservation Easement LDR
Non-contiguous Planned Res. Dev.

Jackson, WY Land Development Regulations (LDRs)

Location: Jackson, WY

Client: Teton County

Status: Complete

Timeframe: Fall 2013


Land Development protocols in Teton County, and particularly in Jackson Hole, are often used as the legal precedent for the entire state of Wyoming. As part of the Teton County Comprehensive Plan update, Jon Altschuld was part of a team that defined a new set of complex Land Development Regulations (LDRs) for the County.

In order to make these regulations easily understood and communicated to the public, Jon developed a set of 3D graphics that demonstrated the benefits and outcomes of each of the LDRs. This work was completed while working for a previous employer.

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