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While working at a previous firm, Jon Altschuld led a multi-disciplinary team which created the Big Dry Creek Floodplain Restoration & Recreation Master Plan. The Master Plan looked at 6 miles of the Big Dry Creek corridor between I-25 and 160th Avenue. Big Dry Creek provides outstanding opportunities for passive recreation and wildlife habitat and encompasses almost 300 acres of open space areas that have been preserved through acquisition by Thornton and Adams County. The Master Plan assessed these publicly-owned parcels from hydraulic, geomorphic, environmental, social and recreational standpoints and created a framework for these areas to be connected both to each other and to the larger networks of trails, parks and open spaces. The Master Plan also created a program for educational engagement, including interpretive signage and outreach to the local schools.

As part of the Master Plan, a Pilot Project location and goals were identified. Jon Altschuld was asked to continue his involvement in the project, and Chinook was contracted to support the design team for development of construction documents for the Pilot Project.

Big Dry Creek Master Plan and Pilot Project

Location: Thornton, CO

Client: City of Thornton

Status: Master Plan complete; Pilot Project in design

Timeframe: July 2016-September 2018

Existing conditions - Pilot Project
Big Dry Creek along 152nd Ave.
Geomorphological assessment page
Big Dry Creek open space
Public workshop during Master Plan
Recreation Master Plan
Vertical cutbank
Bank shaping strategy sheet
Using acetate overlays during design
Acetate overlays used for design
Destroyed 'land crossing' culverts
Pilot Project and E-470
Meanders within Pilot Project area
Pilot Project preferred alternative
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